Fundraising at Maple Grove.

The Group is always looking for ways to raise additional funds to add to and improve the resources available to the children. These funds pay for items such as Christmas parties & presents, toys, books and outdoor equipment.

So we need your help - All contributions are most welcome, whether its baking cakes, donating a prize for the raffles or running a stall at one of our fundraising functions.

If you would like to get involved and help the fundraisers please contact the Office or Chairperson as listed below;

Chairperson - R Coker

Current Fundraising Events

Easter Egg Hunt

We are holding our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 6th April from 1pm to 3pm. This is a lovely FUN event for the whole family; Mums, Dads, Nannies and Grandads, everyone.

The idea of the hunt is that the children are to stroll around and collect 5 different Easter stamps that spell out HAPPY EASTER. They will receive a certificate and a Easter Egg.

IT IS NOT A RACE!!!!!  It’s an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy an activity together at the start of spring and you can also enjoy the home made cakes and refreshments on offer.

DON'T FORGET.....Our Easter Bonnet competition for the under 5's that will be judged on the day so get busy being creative (Free to enter).


Every year in February, the group hold a sponsored colour collect for all the family to get involved in.  The money raised in the past years has been in excess of £3,000.

Each child will be given a bag with a coloured sticker on; red, green, blue or yellow.  The aim is to collect as many DIFFERENT items as possible; all of the same colour as the sticker, and pack them into the bag!  Lots of fun!!

There will be prizes for the top 3 in each room, who collects the most items in their bag and who collects the most sponsorship money.

Money raised will be used for toys, games etc. which are used by all the children in Pre School and The Grove.

Children love this event and it really is lots of fun for ALL the family to help and be involved in, so please ENJOY!