Parent Testimonials

Here are some comments from some of our Parents this year from the Evaluation of Care Provision Forms, completed by parents at the beginning of our Autumn Term

"Staff have made me feel very welcome. They are very friendly and helpful."

"The staff are very understanding and take any requests I've had on board"

"I can discuss any issue I may have with any staff member."

"Our induction and our visit to see the setting were perfect!"

"I feel very comfortable leaving my son at the door, knowing that when I pick him up he will have enjoyed his day."

"I really love that you have a theme corner and always different things set up in the playground. My son's learning and wanting to learn has come on leaps & bounds and he now loves story time each evening."

"Everyone is always full of smiles and very approachable whether it be first thing Monday morning or Friday afternoon. I and my son feel happy and very welcomed."

"Every member of staff has listened to me in a professional and understanding way and I am sure if I made a request it would be implemented."

"I don't think there is anything more you can do to make the early days any better, it worked just fine."

"Everything!! Supporting both children & parents. My little lady is so happy here and has come on leaps and bounds since September".

"I would just like to thank you. C******** is so happy & confident and that has been down to wonderful staff. You have a very good understanding of her needs. I feel like I can speak to any staff member and they give helpful advice & support".

"Thank you for your dedication to our daughter's education".